The Physician-Patient

Consultation Illustrations
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Eye Wall Charts Unlimited offers a premier series of the most striking
and beautiful ophthalmic wall posters available today.  Handsomely crafted
eye art from the studio of world renowned Ophthalmic Artist
Stephen F. Gordon - creator of the popular
Physician-Patient Consultation Illustrations Series.
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Physician-Patient Consultation Illustrations

Now available in large 8-1/2"x11" and extra large size 12"x14" for Low Vision Patients.
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For years, the PPCI series has been one of the most valuable tools in the exam room of countless Eye Clinics around the world.  Combined with the beautiful eye wall charts and posters of Stephen F. Gordon, patient education is taken to a new level of immediate comprehension by patients of complex eye care subject matter.  The PPCI and ophthalmic wall charts are specifically designed to be anatomically correct, while at the same time being presented at just that right level of visual complexity for patients to clearly understand the concepts -   unquestionably, the most beautiful and didactic ophthalmology presentations available in modern eye care today for patient education.  
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More Ophthalmic Wall Charts and Eye Education Posters Coming Soon!

Stephen F. Gordon is proud to provide the most didactic and beautiful ophthalmic wall charts
and eye posters for all your eye care education wall decor needs.
  Stephen F. Gordon has been
illustrating Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Concepts for patient education for over 30 years. 
His works of ophthalmic wall charts, posters, and flip charts
to assist the Ophthalmologist and Optometrist daily throughout the world in conveying
the complex concepts of eye care and eye surgery.

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